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RanestRane - A Space Odyssey, part one - monolith (CD)

RanestRane - A Space Odyssey, part one - monolith (CD)
Available on the 25th November 2013 (preorder ships from the 19th Nov)

New RanestRane CineConcept Opera, first cd of the trilogy "A Space Odyssey" .


Artwork and graphic design by "The Jingle-Jangling", Davide Costa and Maurizio Bonomi.


The band RanestRane after attending the important Japanese event "Italian Progressive Rock Festival" in Tokyo, on April 27, 2013 as members of the newly reformed band “Il Rovescio Della Medaglia” along with the original guitarist and founder Enzo Vita, brings to light their new work, the CineConcerto "A Space Odyssey - Part I - Monolith" inspired by the cult movie by Kubrick. It’s the first CD of a trilogy dedicated precisely to the movie "2001: a Space Odyssey”. Forthcoming: "A Space Odyssey - Part II - Hal 9000" (scheduled Sept. Oct., 2014) and "A Space Odyssey - Part III - Starchild".

Special guests on this album are the singer Steve Hogarth and guitarist Steven Rothery, members of the English band Marillion, who embellished the album with lyrics and songwriting of high artistic value. The disc ranges from pinkfloydian atmospheres to most symphonic progs traits with great escapes of keyboards and guitar solos, where the sweetness and melody are the masters. It surely reaches the pinnacle of the current career of the Roman group. In addition, the collaboration between one of the most important bands of international Prog, Marillion, and the Italian band RanestRane (a unique event in Italian prog) definitely brings the band to a different level than it has ever happened in recent years to current and contemporary artists.

RanestRane is a musical project that looks quite unusual in the Italian scene. A progressive rock band which although it is not (yet?) in the eye of the general public, is able to achieve a major success abroad with their live performances proposing innovative and multi-media production, and enjoyment of both music and motion pictures. And in fact the idea of producing and presenting a live performance baptized CineConcerto is their special trademark.

What exactly is a CineConcerto? It is the staging of live music, accompanied by the integral projection of a film. It is not just soundtracks or images but a true Rock -Opera built on the rhythm and the suggestion of the images and the narrative. The original sound of the film (sometimes left together to the music of the band) is almost entirely replaced by the texts of the songs of RanestRane, to help the spectator to follow the natural texture of the film. The dialogues of the characters are enriched and supplemented by the lyrics, and the narrative points of view become new and unexplored.

The idea of creating music for CineConcertos develops from an initial intention to engage in the production of a concept album of progressive rock with streaks of Italian music inspired by the cult movie "Nosferatu, The Prince Of The Night" (Werner Herzog, 1979). Hence the natural need, alongside the music, to a film narration, but for a very practical question of costs, instead of producing new images, the band start to work on the original film, trying, in their own words, "to
create over it a new musical texture, a work that could suggest that the film was created for our music and not the other way round'. So after three years Nosferatu - rock opera - 2cd was born (recently remastered and reprinted for the third time). The show gathers critical acclaim and is housed within the Rome Film Festival in 2008, and the following year it is returned to the stage sponsored and funded by the University 'La Sapienza’ of Rome and Roma Tre, for the high cultural value of the multimedial work.

The second project to become published and brought to the stage could only be another challenge: SHINING - rock opera - 2cd (inspired by the film of Stanley Kubrick) where "music is no longer melodic, orchestral and 'open' like that of 'Nosferatu the Vampire' but rather aggressive, psychedelic, claustrophobic, always keeping to the formula of the song, with the sudden changes and continuous alternation of vocals and instrumentals that are typical of RanestRane." Shining was played live in the UK and Italy, housed in prestigious events such as "Live at Ecrolano Mav", sponsored by the European Union in the Archaeological Museum of Herculanum, in the exhibition "Paper Kubrick" dedicated to the famous director.

RanestRane are: Daniele Pomo (drums, vocals, percussions, programming, wind instruments)

Riccardo Romano (keyboards, programming, Harmonium, Celtic Harp)

Massimo Pomo (electric, acoustic, classic guitars)

Maurizio Meo (Bass and electric double bass)


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