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SILVER KEY - Third Cd Digipack
[CD Digipack]

SILVER KEY - Third Cd Digipack
Silver Key - Third is a concept album that contains five stories that are fatally linked to each other. The main strand of the plot is represented by the will seen according to the philosophy of Schopenahuer, which makes the man dominated and victim of himself. This submission to one's will, which manifests itself in five different ways, is the driving force behind the entire album. Five characters to whom a chapter is dedicated each of this story, which opens with the piece A common soldier: a boy who lived the absence of his father, who grew up having only the mother figure as a point of reference, decides to enter in the army. In the militia he feels belonging to a family, he finds the strength to fight and he believes in the possibility of defending his mother and the Nation from the foreigner. In the second piece, entitled V.R., we meet a paraplegic boy from birth who discovers in the Virtual Reality an accessible world where to realize his most hidden and even perverse desires. the immense power that Virtual Reality grants him leads him to feel even a god. Ulysses follows, that is the story of a man morbidly attracted by the possession of the latest technological model of any object. He is an obsessive compulsive who sees in the advertisements the song of the sirens. He must have the product, he must possess it. In the fourth piece, I, wish, a murderer appears who tries to explain and justify his acts through the Will. It is not his fault that Nature gave him a murderous will; it is not his fault that what he does is considered socially unacceptable. The fifth character in this story is the protagonist of Last Love: a shy and awkward 14-year-old who falls madly in love with a little girl she barely knows. He feels that he belongs to them so much that he swears them forever. Unconditional, eternal and never paid. Following the five chapters, Third offers a final overview in which the characters meet becoming fatally part of each other's life. The track A rude Awakening tells us about our Ulysses who wakes up on the bed of a hospital following an explosion in a shopping center during black friday. Stress, fear and his obsessive / compulsive disorder lead him to be treated in the psychiatric ward where, between the walls, he hears the screams of the protagonist of V.R. now completely lost in the splitting of personality and incapable of separating reality from virtual fantasy. An exclusively musical piece, entitled Back to the present, takes us to the second part of the suite where we meet the murderer and the soldier. In Murder the homicidal psychopath chooses a victim. The pawn follows it and observes it until the assassination. That woman, however, as told in Endless War, was the mother of the soldier who loses his head at the news. He failed to defend his mother while he was away, in another country, the woman who brought him into the world was killed in his own home. It is anger that drives him to take revenge on the company considered ungrateful for the service he was giving her. The soldier will blow himself up in a shopping mall during black friday. At the end of the entire album we find The door shuts, the final chapter, the ultimate solution to the will. The fourteen-year-old has now become a man and we see him as he announces to the entire scientific community the discovery of a cure to heal those who have a deviated will. However, as the head of the psychiatry department, our protagonist finds himself the victim himself and becomes a patient as a doctor. Tracklist: 1 . A common soldier 07:16 2. V.R. 07:00 3. Ulysses 07:37 4. I Wish 05:15 5. Last Love 06:09 6. A rude awakening 04:13 7. Back to the present 03:28 8. Murder 04:07 9. Endless war 03:06 10 . The door shuts 02:54

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