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SYNDONE - Mysoginia LP Papersleeve
[LP Gatefold]

SYNDONE - Mysoginia  LP Papersleeve
The new beautiful work of the Syndone group in vynil gatefold version. Great guests (Viola Nocenzi, Vittorio De Scalzi, Gigi Venegoni) a great orchestra (Budapest Symphony Orchestra conducted by Francesco Zago) a great ensable for the best work of all time .... A current concept to not forget ... Misogyny. It already emerges from the word alone, from a term, from certain looks and reactions, from a grimace. Humanity and its struggle with the female sex. Misogyny - of men and women - to those who can crack power, to those who have the power to procreate, to those who generate life but can not grant affection. A crime destined to last for centuries, in which we are all immersed and accomplices. A story that must not be forgotten, respecting its victims and its heroines. A tribute to all those women who have suffered violence in our society: blind, overbearing and ignorant. From Catherine de Medici to Hypatia, going through personal dramas and serial killers. Remember not to forget, as for the mafia. To research in oneself the germs that we carry hidden. Look at yourself in the mirror, a cowardly man! Woman daughter of a cold mother! And rip this evil from your heart!

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