a.P.A.t.T - FuN wITh muSIc Cd Digisleeve
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a.P.A.t.T - FuN wITh muSIc  Cd Digisleeve
Imagine a proposal that combines the best Cardiacs with the North Sea Radio Orchestra and William D. Drake's camaraderie, all flavored with an unmistakably "British" flavor.

A capability to navigate amongst the styles worthy of the best progressive rock bands in the world and beyond. The whole proposition is endowed with clever irony and great instrumental skill, a great classic of the future and a new appeal for the new, modern and intelligent rock progressive world

Tracks List:

  • .. That's Positive
  • Matter Of Fact
  • Regards
  • Lickspittle
  • Dowagers Hump
  • Give My Regards To Bold St
  • The Easyness Of Today's Kinder Egg Toys
  • Peppercorn Rent
  • Works Like A Charm
  • Ploth Kep
  • Take The Bait
  • Did You See The Sea
  • You Treat Me (Like Peter Shit)
  • Bold


  • Bossa Nova — Acoustic Drum Kit;
  • Col Legno — Vocals, Violin;
  • Empress Play — Vocals, flute;
  • General MIDI — Vocals, Rhodes, Guitars, ecc;
  • Dorothy Wave — Micron, Micropreset, backing Vocal
  • Private Dancer – Trumpet
  • Jon Bone - Trombone

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