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KU.DA - Kudalesimo CD

KU.DA - Kudalesimo CD
New young band that after hundreds of live concerts, prestigious performances (x Factor among others), and national and international contest wins release their first album. Music is a cross between Sting and Peter Gabriel, Porcupine Tree and Muse. A modern sound but with the charm of the old, the roughness of the young man with the feeling of the elder. Kudalesimo is a journey through several coexisting dimensions. You can find yourself on a deserted island but at the same time try the cold of the steppe russian; you might feel like a galleon with a pirate crew and you realize you're standing sailing on the ice; up on a mountain but at the same time in the middle to the jungle, among the monkeys and the snakes, with the light-bearing knights. Ku.dA try to evoke images and situations that, in hyperbolic form, they express the feelings of everyday life. Kudalesimo thus presents itself as a collective imagination tale, one sort of "island that is not" on which all the cultures of the world exist and theirs archetypes. Quilomacho Monkeys .. animals and animals of the forest. Shortly thereafter, a vortex of tribal drums will begin a ritual. The journey begins with "welcome to the island, take off your shoes" is the reassuring invitation that the Ku.dA give the listener who has decided to start this journey. Sound and tribal dances will accompany the fearless listener. Ouroboros This is the story of the "paralysis of ideas". our mind can slip, without realizing it, into an infinite spiral who is self-feeding. This concentric thrust can lead us into darkness or can hurry to a bright future, it is up to us to direct the ouroboros towards the goal that we want "the Ouroboros leads me in the sun". Daily Activity The short introductory intro already speaks alone. this track is the caption of a clear one quarrel between two friends. A lazy one, who just lays on the couch at watching television, the other dynamic, sporty and even intrusive. The opposites can they work? Listening to the listener will be able to decide. Never Pictured Down The piece speaks of a climb towards the goal set, towards a precise goal. It is a clear invitation not to give up even when everything seems unattainable now. "Never Pictured Down" (never point down) is a song that invites you to get better and better until you can reach your desires. Lose My Ship Inspired by Yann Martel's novel "The Life of P", he recounts the experience of a shipwrecked in the middle of the ocean that, despite great storms and days of fasting on a raft, he can regain salvation. Allegorically the shipwreck will challenge and reappear with its "shadow part". Phone In A Boh It is a mockery to the exaggerated businessman; it highlights hypocrisy of those who look externally perfect but inside are rotten. Unceasing Time ticking takes on two conflicting values: for the man committed to doing money is a source of anxiety, for the free man becomes a rhythm on which to play a song. To The Lighthouse Dedicated to a friend who for the sake of the drug has ceased to be happy. It's traveling in the dark of night looking for a lighthouse. Be Over At least one of us at least has come across the "post-mortem" talk will it be later? Be Over speaks of this. Will it happen to the house? What will we be? Where are we going to go? "I expect this dream to end" to find out. West He narrates a Viking man who spent his life at sea fighting brutally, but that with the passing of time it starts to think of your family, the creatures that he and his wife have put the world to the beautiful and happy things she did. Is it therefore worth it to continue fighting the battle of nothing? In My Car The more time passes and the more we lose the sense of simplicity, the naturalness in which it is things happen. We forget how amazing a vision can be field of flowers or countryside. In My Car is a hymn to simplicity; at the same time it is also an invitation to observe and to preserve better what we are, unfortunately, forgetting. Kudalesimo The song's closing track. Instrumental where the Ku.dA wanted to make a Union. Union of sound and colorful cultures .. world music. Djembee, synthesizers, western guitars and western sound makes this closure effect. A curiosity ? In the last seconds there is a reprise on the last part of Quilomacho, the first track of the album with the addition of a light Moog solo. Now we can return to Earth. Ku.dA : Luca KUsch Pasquino : Basso, seconde voci, sequenze, sound engining Christian peDA Castelletti : Voce, chitarre, Moog, percussioni Giancarlo JAN Bello : Violino, viola , Djembee Alex Canella : Batteria Track list 1. quilomacho 2. ouroboros 3. daily activity 4. never pictured down 5. lose my ship 6. phone in a boh 7. to the lighthouse 8. be over 9. west 10. in my car 11. kudalesimo
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