Five Storey Ensamble – Night en Face Cd

Five Storey Ensamble – Night en Face  Cd
Second episode for the Five Storey Ensemble. Natural pursuit of previous experience with Rational Diet.

Much more complexity, more room for melodies, a real small orchestra, guides us between awkward and melancholy atmospheres. Chamber music with sounding solutions and interlocking sounds with unique style and elegance.

A narrative that encapsulates the drama and pathos of a movie soundtrack.

A disk of great maturity and quality.

References: Rational Diet, Michael Nyman, Chamber Music, Film Soundtracks

Tracks List:

  • Night Across the Street (music by Olga Podgaiskaya)
  • The Respectable Booksellers (music by Olga Podgaiskaya)
  • Makaó (music by Olga Podgaiskaya)
  • Postmonition (music by Vitaly Appow)
  • Rearrive (music by Vitaly Appow)
  • The Road Away From... (music by Olga Podgaiskaya)
  • Woods Are Worried From Boredom (music by Olga Podgaiskaya)
  • Jupiter (music by Olga Podgaiskaya)
Five-Storey Ensemble:
  • Vitaly Appow — bassoon, soprano sax, bass guitar;
  • Olga Podgaiskaya — piano;
  • Olga Polakova — flute;
  • Anastasiya Mosse — violin;
  • Ilona Ies’ — cello;
  • Vyacheslav Plesko — doublebass;
  • Nikolay Siamitka — percussion (track 4);
  • Aliona Sukliyan — oboe (track 5);
  • Vladimir Pashkevich — clarinet (track 7);
  • Andrey Verishka — marimba, vibraphone (tracks 1,2,6,7);
  • Ekaterina Maretskaya — piano (track 3).
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