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PROTEO - Under a Red Polar Light (papersleeve CD)
[MRC 015]

PROTEO - Under a Red Polar Light (papersleeve CD)
The red polar light mentioned in the title and displayed on the cover is a spectacular phenomenon that takes place about every ten years. The band has chosen this image having been playing together for ten years before this first release. Their music is a bridge between the easyness of pop and the complexity of melodic prog. (…)

Proteo look up to many inspirations from the Eighties, then elaborate with a modern turn. The tracks generally last more than five minutes and sound immediate, pleasant: the prog-pop mixture works well and keep the listener’s interest alive even after many listenings. The mixing work, detailed and attentive, is impressive. The tracks are rich and multi layered, with effects (especially delays and reverberations) that are very appealing but never too intrusive. (…) Proteo have been evolving and now have the maturity to condense and consolidate a vast number of ideas in an organic and structured album.

Just as an impressionist painting at first beckons you with its colours and general striking light before it fascinates you with its details, in the same way you can find new interesting aspects every time you listen to this album, over and over. “Under A Red Polar Light” is a great way to celebrate the band’s first ten years together and to be optimistic about the future, hoping that their bright red light will not pass unnoticed.

(from the review by Andrea Emili – Audiodrome 2008)

Proteo are from Trieste, Italy.

Marco Paulica: electric and acoustic guitar, vocals

Matteo Copetti: electric guitar, sax

Alessandro Surian: electric bass

Fabio Gorza: drums and percussions

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